The Little Buddy Talker – Arduino Compatible Speech Chip Set (Kickstarter)

February 1, 2018 by richardvk

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Tagline: Small, versatile, fun, and inexpensive! Use the 254 word library to bring speech to your Arduino projects! Speak, Arduino, Speak!

What would the maker world be without the legendary ESP8266 wifi chip? Whether its the ‘original’ Wemos D1 (a standard Arduino form factor board but with built in WiFi) or its baby brother, the D1 mini, or the NodeMCU’s, these chips have revolutionised the makerspace and world of IoT in general.



However, anything made with these devices – remote actuators or sensor data collectors, by their very nature are, well, remote! And, they are not computers with consoles or monitors.

Personally, I like something more than just a series of blinking LED’s to tell me whats going on with my board. Its not always practical to bring along a laptop and hook in a serial cable to get a serial console readout either.

So what to do?

I am a huge fan of the tiny SSD1306 range of OLED displays. They are super tiny and super cheap, in fact you can get a NodeMCU and an OLED for about $6 together  (or less if you buy them in packs/lots of 10 or more). Thats a small price to pay to get the control AND some visible feedback either about the device itself or the values its reading, in one package. Forego that hamburger and get some OLED’s!!!



So to me, this little ‘talking board’ is like another level of cool! Sure – its not as cheap as the OLED, and yes, it requires speakers and cables, so the cost just shot up. But, this is a kickstarter campaign, the start of something new and exciting in which i see definite future use.

Maybe the next version will have a tiny embedded speaker, like the Murata piezoelectric or the Adafruit mini metal speaker right on board! Maybe you just push a button and your ESP device will tell you stuff! Thats great, especially when the teeny weeny fonts on the OLED start getting harder and harder to read with age 😉

Check out this cool campaign here.

The Little Buddy Talker - Arduino Compatible Speech Chip Set

The Little Buddy Talker – Arduino Compatible Speech Chip Set

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