Nixie Tube SHIELD for Arduino (Indiegogo)

January 30, 2018 by richardvk

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Last modified January 31, 2018

Project tagline: With Nixie Tube SHIELD for Arduino you can bring to life any Nixie Tubes and use with your projects!

I love my Nixies! I currently have a bunch of IN12B Nixie tubes I bought a few years ago.

To date, for testing, I have used a 12v->170v step-up converter to power them, and drove the outputs via some old Russian BCD chips. The step up converter was an eBay purchase in a DIY kit. It was a simple build but has the inherent danger of exposing high voltage since it has no enclosure. Im always a bit nervous working with it.

When I discovered this initiative on Indiegogo I had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!” moments.

I love the idea and cannot wait to take delivery of this kit!!

Take a look here for more info on this project.

Nixie Tube SHIELD for Arduino

Nixie Tube SHIELD for Arduino

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